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The licks of Modern Congolese Solo Guitar by Kimbangu

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  • The licks of Modern Congolese Solo Guitar by Kimbangu


 The licks of modern Congolese solo guitar
By Kibangu solo.
Kibangu solo (born Lukambandio Dieu Merci) is a Congolese musician and singer-songwriter. He began his professional career at fourteen, as a guitarist playing gospel music. Kibangu, also known as Luxembourg the king was born in Kinshasa and grown up in Binza IPN area. He uses a picking technique & tremolo style. He studied music at national institute of arts (INA) in Congo.

Kimbangu first came to prominence in the 2006, playing with Didier Kalonji, known as Bill Clinton or Macintosh, then joined the group Wenge Musica Maison Mere of Werrason Ngiama in 2009.
He created his own method called (Necromatie-Abstraction) blended with pentatonic scale.

His concert in Zenith of Paris made him famous in 2010 with Wenge Musica of Werrason, and he still has a large following. He toured with the band in all Africa and Europe.

In this DVD tutorial, he is sharing his knowledge, technique and experience on how to played the modern Congolese sebene (dancing part) solo guitar.

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