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The essentiel congolese guitar methods by Carol Mankamba

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“The Essential Congolese Guitar Methods”
With Carol Mankamba.
Carol is a guitarist and arranger who were born in Congo.
He started his career at age of 14 by joining the small band L’univers Liziba in Kinshasa.
Later on,he joined the band such as Le Bourgeois, Oka Elengi eye, Kamale of Nyboma, Bisengo of the late Madiata, Langa Langa Stars and Choc stars.
He toured with band Choc stars in Africa and Europe.
Also, He recorded many hit albums in Congo (Zaire), and the song titled Riana made him famous .he arranged many songs in the band Choc stars.
He collaborated with king kester Emeneya in the album Wilo mondo which was a hit, Djo Nolo, Bozi boziana, Djo Poster, Defao, Nyboma and many more…
He was a sidekick for the great Tshimpaka Roxy from the band Langa langa Stars to Choc stars among the top guitarist of Congolese modern guitar.
Vata Mombasa, Lele Nsundi, Dave makondele, Teddy Sukami and Rikos Kinzunga inspired him.
Therefore, in this DVD, he is sharing his experience how to play Congolese Guitar.
Carol moved from Congo to the UK where he is pursuing his solo career as musician and arranger.

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