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Soukous guitar clinic

Ndombolo Guitar Technique by Japonais Maladi

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Japonais Maladi is a Rumba, Ndombolo and Soukous guitarist. Born in Congo DR, Japonais was raised in Kinshasa into musical family. He started to play the guitar after being inspired by his father Maurice Maladi and late brother Ruffin. He received his first guitar to pick up tunes by ear at age 6, than discovered by Fano (producer) to create the band Taz junior and overseen by Professor Buwendwa (I.N.A) and Pepe Felly Manuaku. As early as 11, Japonais started getting gigs and was playing cover songs around Kinshasa. He joined the band Station Japan than Wenge Musica. Began traveling with Awilo Longomba. and eventually moved from Kinshasa to Paris. He recorded with Wenge Musica, Les marquis, Awilo and many African musicians such as Meiwey. In addition to his ensemble performances, the congolese community regards Japonais as an influential solo guitarist. He created Ndombolo guitar style was marked by an advanced chords-melody and sophisticated harmonic sense fast tempos. He is now using his music experience to teach followers of African music how technically to play Ndombolo soukous and rumba guitar.

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