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Rumba TP OK JAZZ (Odemba) with Dawa Lusamba

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  • Rumba TP OK JAZZ (Odemba)


Dawa Lusamba is a guitarist & Directeur artistique of TP OK JAZZ. Explain how to play Rumba Odemba lead guitar created by Franco Luambo Makiadi. There are 2 kind of Congolese Rumba: Fiesta by Doctor Nico and Grand Kalle in one hand and Franco Luambo in another hand. Dawson started to play with Madilu system in Kananga, Kasai than move to kinshasa where he played with Bim choc, Afro international with Mimi Ley, Mbonda Africa with Bokelo Isenge, Africa nova with Dino Vangu, Bana OK with Simaro Lutumba, Samangwana and TP OK Jazz of Luambo Makiadi. Made in Kinshasa 2021 Produced by Prosmart studio

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