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Modern Congolese Guitar Style Flamme Kapaya

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  • Modern Congolese Guitar Style Flamme Kapaya


Kapaya mweni (Nickaname Flamme kapaya) was born in Congo DRC. He is a guitarist who influenced the Congolese modern guitar/Soukous style. Kapaya was born in the family of 9 persons and he is a last born.He did not how to play the guitar but many family member was musicians.His first instrument was Harmonica then he started to sing.The band he used to play needed a guitarist then he started to learn from his brother Bavon who taught him only two chords.Then he went to learn more in the street. he did not play in many band but he started to his own band by singing and playing Haromnica.His style was influenced by the sound of harmonica which is double,intervals and harmony.Also,he joined the small band in the area Bandal in Kinshasa then he joined one of the biggest band in Congo:Wenge Musica Maison Mere of Werrason where he became famous.He toured with band as a lead guitarist around the world and recorded many albums such as "Solola Bien".He moved from Congo to France where is pursuing his solo career.His first solo album is titled Bannings Ville. In this DVD tutorial he is sharing his experience,concepts of the congolese guitar.

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