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The Advance Contemporay Rumba & Soukous Guitar by Roxy Tshimpaka

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Tshimpaka Kabeya Albert (stage name Roxy Grand Nyawu) is a guitarist and arranger among the pioneer of Soukous guitar sebene (dancing part).

Roxy is a key figure of Congolese contemporary guitar. He started to play at the of 16 years old.
He played the dancing part called sebene in sophisticated way which was rich in melody and harmony.

The albums he played were the top 10 in the charts in Congo (Zaire). He was inspired by Bavon Marie Marie (younger brother of guitar legend Franco luambo makiadi), Gery Gerard, Franco Luambo, Nico kasanda, Pepe Felly Manuaku Waku and many more.

He played in the band such as Thu Zahina, Veve, Kossa-kossa, Zaiko langa Langa, Langa Langa Stars and Choc stars. Also, he toured with these band in Afrika and Europe many time.

Grand Nyawu has a particular way  of playing and setting the guitar sound.
The band Kossa-kossa helped him to played all the  congolese (Zaire) repertoire around 1977-1979. The reason way he became strong and powerful because he could played anything.

In this DVD he is sharing his experience and repertoire played to anyone who want to learn the contemporary Rumba and Soukous guitar and how to set the sound properly.
Roxy moved from Congo to Belgium where he is pursuing his solo career as session musician and arranger.

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